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Friday, February 3, 2012

"Bridge-the-Gap" (Transitional) Alimony in Orlando, Florida

             Alimony is one of the most complicated issues to resolve in a divorce.  There is no specific formula used to calculate alimony in Florida.  It is based on one spouse’s need for financial support, the other spouse’s ability to pay and the standard of living of the parties during their marriage. 

            Transitional, or Bridge-the-Gap, Alimony is one of several different types of alimony.  It is most often awarded after a short term marriage.  In Florida, a marriage of less than seven years is considered short term.  The purpose of transitional alimony is to help one spouse make the transition from married to single life.  This type of alimony can be ordered for a maximum of two years.

            Either spouse may receive alimony.  However, it is not awarded in every case.  There are a number of complicated issues a judge must take into consideration when awarding alimony.  The amount of alimony you pay or receive will have a profound impact on your financial future.  Mr. Luther is an experienced Orlando divorce attorney with extensive knowledge in issues regarding alimony.  He can determine the correct amount of alimony for your particular situation.  If you would like more information or to set up a consultation with Mr. Luther, please call our office at (407) 835-9900 or visit our website at:

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  1. Mr. Luther an experienced Orlando divorce attorney explains that alimony plays a major role while taking divorce. In Florida the alimony is decided on the basis of the ability of spouse to pay their partner to live with a better standard of life. divorce attorney miami fl