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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How Can I Move Out of Florida with my Child?

More and more in today's society, parents either want or need to Relocate from Florida with the child. Whether it is a job transfer, educational opportunity, remarriage or other reason, Relocation is a prevalent issue. Florida's Child Relocation Statute is very technical, places specific responsibilities on the Relocating parent and provides for specific and somewhat harsh penalties for failing to comply with the Statute. Very specific petitions and notices must be filed prior to the Relocation with the child. If you are the non-relocating parent, a specific and timely objection must be filed to prevent your child from being relocated without a court hearing.
Although there are many specific statutory factors that the judge must consider, the overall standard is the "best interests of the child". Too many times I see parents who attempt to focus on the benefits or detriment to them of the Child Relocating. The Florida Relocation Statutes are clear that the parents who want to Relocate must show how the move will benefit or harm the child, not the parent.
Relocation cases often have lifelong consequences for the child and the parents. If you have a Relocation issue, it is important to have an Experienced Family Law Lawyer on your side who understands the legal standard required and who has the skills and experience to present your Relocation case to the judge.
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