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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Do I need a divorce lawyer?

Many people facing a separation or divorce ask themselves if they need a divorce attorney. Many factors must be considered to determine if you can maneuver the legal maze and obtain a favorable result for yourself.

Often people underestimate the complexity of filing and completing their own divorce. Many times people think that they will simply be able to “explain” everything to the judge. Unfortunately, the rules of evidence can be quite complicated. Many times litigants become frustrated in court when the other side successfully objects to what is being said. They often leave court feeling like the judge would not listen, even though the judge was simply following the rules of evidence.

Generally, most people agree that if custody, support and/or significant assets are an issue, it is always best to have a divorce lawyer represent you. Of course, in those cases where a litigant simply cannot afford to hire an attorney, filing for divorce on your own may be your only option.

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