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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Keep her away from my kids!

I am often presented with issues from my clients that are in the midst of a divorce for which there are no easy answers. The most common and most frustrating non-legal issue is dealing with the husband or wife introducing the children to the new girlfriend or boyfriend. Unfortunately, unless the new person is a violent criminal or sex offender, there is little that can legally be done to stop the introduction. This can be extremely difficult for parents to accept.  Although the judge typically will not enter an order prohibiting the contact absent extraordinary circumstances, it can influence the judge’s ultimate decision if one of the parents is not using good common sense. Aside from the stress that it can cause the other parent, the judges understand that it is not good for the children to have new people in their lives too early, or worse yet, to have several new people in and out of their lives in the span of a short time.

If you are faced with this situation, try to remember to focus on whether the new boyfriend or girlfriend interacts with your children in a positive way or whether it is detrimental. Do not let your anger guide those feelings. What you must understand is that there is no bond stronger that that between a parent and child, and no new person will threaten that bond.

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