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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is a Prenuptial Agreement a Good Idea?

What do you do when a good-intentioned family member encourages you to ask your fiancé for a prenuptial agreement?  This is a common occurrence.  Your loved one is looking out for your best interest.  But will the suggestion alienate your future spouse and cause them to lose trust in you and your relationship?

Prenuptial or premarital agreements have gained popularity recently.  This is seen by some as a direct result of no-fault divorce laws which allow the dissolution of marriage with no requirement of wrong doing by either spouse.  As well, current divorce laws warrant a fair and equitable distribution of assets.  Issues such as children from a previous marriage, a business or professional practice owned by one partner, or significant debt by one partner are some of the contributing factors that cause people to consider a prenuptial agreement.

Money issues can cause a great deal of stress in a marriage.  A pre-nup prepared by an experienced family law attorney forces the couple to consider these critical issues before they begin their married life together.   It can provide an outline for solving problems before they begin.  It can also cause them to more closely consider their actions during the course of the marriage. In addition, an agreement can address issues other than money. 

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