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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What is Mediation in an Orlando Divorce?

Mediation is a meeting where both parties, their attorney’s and a mediator meet in order to attempt to settle a divorce case. In Orlando, Seminole and Osceola, you and your divorce attorney will be required to attend mediation prior to obtaining a final divorce trial.

All offers and counter offers at mediation are confidential. This allows both parties and the attorney’s in a divorce case to speak freely and to offer the best settlement position. If the divorce case does not settle in mediation, both parties are prevented from telling the divorce judge what was offered. Many times divorce parties and the attorneys are willing to give better settlement offers in mediation so that they can forgo the time and considerable expense of a contested divorce trial.

Although there are no clear statistics, Orlando divorce attorneys settle a great number of cases in mediation. This saves their clients considerable money and time.

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