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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Will I Get Alimony?

Florida law provides for several relevant factors to be taken into consideration by the Court when awarding alimony to one of the parties. The court will consider the parties’ prior standard of living; length of the marriage; age and physical and emotional condition of both spouses; each spouse’s financial resources and income-producing capacity of the assets they receive; the time necessary to acquire sufficient education or training to find appropriate employment; and the services rendered in homemaking, child rearing, and education and career building of the other spouse.

The court may grant alimony to either party.  There are different types of alimony that may be granted.  Rehabilitative alimony is awarded for a temporary time period to allow one party to redevelop skills and financial independence.  Durational alimony is awarded for a fixed number of years. Permanent alimony continues until the remarriage of the receiving partner or the death of either partner.  Permanent, durational and rehabilitative alimony are usually paid on a periodic basis.  The Court may also consider lump-sum alimony in which one partner pays a lump-sum payment of money or property to the other partner.

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