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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Establishing Paternity in Orlando, Florida

There are many important reasons to establish paternity for your child.  These rights are important for the child as well as both parents.  Most basically, paternity will allow the child to know who their father is.  As well, establishing paternity will allow the child to have information on family medical history, obtain health or life insurance benefits and child support, and possibly veterans and social security benefits.  For the parents, establishing paternity will give both parents the legal right to child support, timesharing and a voice in making decisions regarding the child.

In Florida, paternity will be established in one of five ways.  Paternity is established if the parents are married when the child is born.  If the couple is unmarried, paternity may be established at the time the child is born by signing a legal document at the hospital.  If the document is not signed at that time, and a genetic test proves fatherhood, an Administrative Order Based on Genetic Testing will establish paternity.  Lastly, if the parents of the child marry each other after the child’s birth, they may establish paternity by updating the birth record with the Florida Office of Vital Statistics.
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